woensdag 23 maart 2011


Ugh... I am stuck.. I feel not too well, being sick and all.. and my creativity is nowhere to be found. My head is overflowing with things I like, things I want to do and things I would love to include in my scrapping journey, but it is just not working out.. there is nothing coming out of my hands and I feel like my brain is so overflowing with ideas that I am just stuck in what to do. I would love to create an art journal, but I just really suck at painting and all.. I just can't do it.. then I would really love to scrap my boys and show them online which is no option because my husband doesn't want to have them published online.. and then there is doing the AAM pages which I LOVE but there are days that I just don't feel comfortable to take photos of myself.. and well, these AAM photos are all scrapped... I just started a page which I was so unsure about.. it is just not something I see as a perfect art journaling or layout.. it's somewhere in between or.. well I just don't know. I am probably thinking too much about all of this, which is not a good thing to do, obviously.

Anyway.. it is not helping that I feel so bad about not getting the deadlines and I am so sorry about that. I just can't commit and submit layouts that I know are not what I am capable of.

So I finally finished this art journal/feeling/quote layout and it took me 3 days of staring and walking away and finally 2 hours to finish. I am done with thinking.. I just want to do it and well.. I try not to care about it too much..

Here is my layout using the springtime papers and stickers from Echo Park which was in my YSS kit this month.

thank you so much for all the comments you leave me.. they are really appreciated!!

xo Danielle

8 opmerkingen:

Nadia Cannizzo zei

WOW! Just stunning...I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Laurel zei

Gorgeous layout!

Ineke zei

Niet zo onzeker hoor, hij is weer prachtig en dan die titel die past er perfect bij!!
Goed gedaan hoor, ondanks dat je niet lekker bent...

Liefs Ineke.

allyson joy zei

awwww I love this!!! love the stitching and the colors together. so pretty!!

Cindy Gay zei

I really like the layout. The quote is great and you gave me an idea what to do with my photo from the plane window!

Bente Fagerberg zei

Sorry to hear that you lost your mojo sweet Danielle. To be honest I have missed seeing new work from you and I hope Spring will bring your inspiration back!
The layout you share here is really lovely and very Danielle!!

Erica zei

I go through this as well. I step back for a while until I feel ready to dive back in.

Cottagerca zei

beautiful layout....did you use the new tool to make your stitch lines from MM or where is it from. How do you do your stitching.