vrijdag 14 januari 2011

I am doing it...

yes I am! I am just going to be persistent. 
My word for 2011 is GROW. 

One of the things I need, I want, to grow in is accepting myself. Accepting the way I look, the way I do things, the way people look at me. I want to stop being SO insecure and thats why I decided to join in, not only with project 52, which I will be scrapping every week, but also with project 365.

1 photo a day. A photo of me, of my life. Because I know that I will grow in skills, in creativity and in perseverance during this journey. The most rewarding thing however will be that I can look at myself and accept myself the way I am. I want to stop hiding, I want to stop worrying if people will like me or not. I want to stop looking at myself with such negativity. 
So here is to another fun journey this year. 
I found a HUGE inspiration for me on flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/annagaycoan/
and although I LOVE the creativity side in this project 365, I am planning on using her poses and ideas for the start since I feel way to uncomfortable doing this LOL. (Although of-course my photos will be nowhere near as gorgeous as hers are, I will definitely be happy doing this with my P&S Sony camera.)

I am starting today; Friday, January the 14th, and will continue to post my photos everyday until  January the 14th in 2012. 

I will leave you with my first photo.
inspiration from here
free Polaroid frame from here
free bokeh background from here 

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